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Pornography is The Crack Cocaine of Sex Addiction

Pornography is the Crack Cocaine of Sex Addiction by Jeffrey P. Ray LMHC, CAP, CSATPornography has long been practiced widely by people of different ages, young and old, married and unmarried. Pornography entails the act of portraying and viewing unequivocal sexual subject matter mainly nude bodies, with the main focus of achieving sexual excitement, as well as erotic satisfaction. Pornography is a subject that has received a lot of controversial feedback within the therapy community and media. Some Pro-Pornography supporters believe that it can improve an individual’s sexual life whereas, in my professional opinion, Pornography is the complete destruction of one’s soul; Pornography is the crack cocaine of sex addiction. In this article, pornography, with regard to sex addiction, is viewed as a negative entity in married or unmarried relationships when one partner is addicted to sex.

A marriage is an institution that is based on the premise of two partners growing together in relational intimacy through a sexual and non-sexual,communicative relationship. In my professional opinion as a Sex Therapist for over 18 years, anything that brings about a negative effect in intimacy between a husband and a wife is a problem, and pornography is not a positive substance that a sexually addicted person should surround themselves with. Throughout my career as a Sex Therapist and Substance Abuse Counselor, I have witnessed pornography creating many tribulations in marriages. Often times, pornography can become a contributing factor of divorce, in Palm Beach County, Florida. This is especially true when one indiviual in the relationship (in most cases, the husband) is addicted to sex.

From my experience with sexually addicted individuals, pornography makes sex selfish and a self-centered negative aspect that is harmful to any relationship or marriage. When sexual addicts become involved in viewing and engaging in pornography, the result, with regard to the relationship, can lead to destroying true intimacy. True intimacy will be impossible to achieve within the relationship. I have also seen pornography isolating a person from his/her spouse and family. This is due to the married partner rarely measuring up to the fantasy presented in pornography. In my opinion, pornography is like crack cocaine for a sex addict. The more you do, watch and engage in pornography, the more intense the craving and the harder it becomes to satisfy the addict. Pornography leads to sex addiction. I have also witnessed pornography increase the propensity of criminals to commit sex crimes. The crimes of dangerous offenders such as rapists and child molesters tend to re-offend, as well when this negative element is in their life.

Pornography in MarriageFrom my experience in the field of sex addiction and sex therapy, a couple’s intimacy reduces the urge to seek solace in pornographic material. To maintain true intimacy, there must be a need for the husband and wife to nurture their love, so their sexual relationship prospers day by day; avoiding any chances of straying and infidelity. When both spouses work together to achieve intimacy honestly and without fear, there is a tendency to strengthen the relationship, commitment and hence, intimacy. As a Licensed Sex Therapist in Palm Beach County, Florida I advise and counsel couples on learning to think of their marriage as a prestigious asset that should be safeguarded; working hand in hand to overcome pornography related problems, intimacy issues and sex addiction through trust, faith and self-love. Seeking pornography in a marriage destroys intimacy and is the crack cocaine of sex addiction.

Pornography is a negative and often, destructive element to a relationship and marriage. If you or your married partner engage in pornography and need help with sex addiction, intimacy issues or infidelity issues, call me, Jeff Ray, LMHC at, (561) 707.6591 to schedule an appointment.I am here to help you.